11 December 2017

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04 October 2017

Together, we live.

• Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi   •  

A Mäori proverb for us all.

With your basket and my basket the people will live

28 April 2017

Learning from the Other

"The main political problem in post-Brexit UK, as well as post-Trump America, is the depth of our division. People with opposite views believe in their own opinions so vehemently, they’re convinced everyone on the other side is practically from a different species. "
- Joe Berkowitz, Fast Company
Another part of our political problem is that we only see the world as English speakers, thereby without hearing or understanding the voices of most of the world. I'm not solely referring to language, but to worldview, basic assumptions and filters.

What if we had lunch with an Eritrean, a Rohingyan, a Timorese, and a Yazidi. Assuming we manage our way through the actual language barriers, what could we learn of philosophy, values, worldviews and life, if we could truly listen? My first challenge would be to even know the questions. Coming from my journey and experiences of the world, I probably wouldn't even perceive the most important issues. Thus the need for conversations that take us places we couldn't have anticipated, resulting in understanding and knowledge we didn't know existed.

Smarter & stronger together, we are.