31 January 2014


How we see a piece of artwork is often 
affected by the frame around it.

If we re-frame the piece, something 

different is highlighted or POPS in to focus.

The artwork itself doesn’t change, 

nor does the artist, but the frame, and the framer, 
has a lot of influence over the experience.

28 January 2014

imperfectly yours~

It's easy to work with people who are teachable, who wanna get things as right as possible, 

and there's a vast difference between striving for excellence, or personal bests, and being a perfectionist ~which just wears everybody out.

Being a perfectionist is more about fear and avoiding criticism than it is really a desire to get things right.

Being the best we can is about personal choices; it's not about anyone else at all.

I saw something signed, "imperfectly yours" recently and I liked it. Something freeing about it.

So how does this apply to my watercolour painting, my writing, my irregularity of posting on this blog....?

How does it apply in your life?