30 June 2014

email..... woes & whines

My Yahoo account, via Telecom NZ, is a pain. It's cumbersome, slow, and inefficient.

Many emails I think I've sent get hung up and don't send. They are all accumulating in my DRAFTS folder. Hard for you to read them there.

Other addresses that worked just fine last week, get blocked or fail, even when I've just hit REPLY. 

I use web-based email so it's accessible from anywhere I have internet access.

Shall I go email free? Think how much more time I'd have in a day.

 Let's WRITE letters again, by hand. Some of you would have to copy out all those jokes and heart felt stories the hard way, or photo copy them. 

~sigh~ not totally first world problems these days... kinda universal, but I suppose my expectations are first world as to speed and efficiency. 

Gmail is better, for now, but each redesign on any of them complicates my flow. Phooey.

26 June 2014

Rain pounds

The quaint old house withstands much,
but old caulking allows seeps.

Rain pounds on windows and walls,
sound of impact tinking on glass.

Curtains billow with each gust.
Wind pushes moisture through the cracks.

If only the storms came from the West.
We're more protected that side.

Dehumidifiers fight on.
Wifi, defeated, surrenders.

First world problems, nodding assent,
As mold grows on framed artwork.

Surface dust thickens where it sits.
The rain will stop, later this week.

Indoor Plants thrive; lawns are boggy.
Traffic backs up, people slow down.

Lights reflect on surfaces,
Passive watercolour paintings.

Gutters run downhill, full and fast.
The wind pushes, rests, then pulls.

Homeless and car-less have no choice,
Old coats allow seeps, everywhere.
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13 June 2014

Bad Art: collect and appreciate, or not


You've heard of Cake Wrecks, the website for miscommunication or cake decorating gone wrong? How about a glance at bad art: "naive" art, the more unusual or poorly executed pieces.

If you're not quite sure what sort of "Art" could be found in a thrift store for less than $25, if you're a serious art historian, or if you listen to opera frequently, then you should probably visit The Louvre or something.


12 June 2014

Secrets: Sacred and Unique

"I am trying to learn to be in the 3rd space. Someone who has a few wisely kept secrets that are for the truest and the best. Those secrets aren’t the what and the when of things I’ve done or said or thought. The secrets I’m trying to keep are the precious ones, the ones that are sacred and unique. The moments I’ve felt most alive, the most pointed pains and the deepest joys. The secrets I love keeping most are actually found in relationship. Shared conversations, private jokes and sacred moments, but as for the rest of it – I’d like to live in the middle ground. Whole enough to keep some things between me and the universe, trusting enough to share secrets with a few and open enough to invite people into my eccentric, crazy life." ~Tash McGill


10 June 2014

Why work? Why play?

If play is the opposite of work and people work for a living, does that mean play is undervalued?

Some of us need to play for a living or we're not really living; we're working machines with little life inside.

Yes, naysayers, balance matters, but more than balance we need essence. What is behind our work, behind our play?

I often return to asking "why?".