27 February 2014

Writing as Compassion

"Compassion in my mind is an admixture of feeling and sustained attention with regard to others. Compassion is the absence of cruelty. Compassion is steady and relaxed—allowing patience where we may not have any for ourselves. Compassion is acceptance of what you didn’t realize or can’t understand. Compassion is not attainable without process—going through the various methods of drafting. Each one provides you with another perspective, another point of focus."
                                 —Nancy Beckett

02 February 2014

What Career Should I Actually Have?

I don't wanna take any tests, sign up for the app, etc....

I originally thought I'd be a librarian, as per my earliest memory.
Then it was a journalist, Nat'l Geographic writer /photographer.

Somewhere in there reality made me a painting contractor and a darkroom technician.

Then things got really interesting...

Multiple hats suit me. :-) Keeping my options open.

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