21 July 2013

Empathy: What's going on that you can't see?

I often wonder what's going on in a person's heart and mind when they don't respond as I'd expect them to, or are indifferent or rude, or don't make eye contact, or . . . . .

In a chaplains' crisis response training I recently attended, stats were given that 80% of people you meet in a crisis ALREADY were in crisis BEFORE the event, therefore compounding the emotional impact of the tornado, accident, violence, earthquake, flood, tsunami, fire, etc..... 80% walking around us all time, or walking in our own shoes.

Watch the video linked to below.

Empathy video from Cleveland Clinic

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17 July 2013

Choose your friends, and when to listen...

Job's friends:

On a good day we'd tell 'em where to get off, and we'd give them a little shove.

On a bad day, we'd listen to them, and give them too much authority.

Choose well.

01 July 2013

Angry over what? Opportunity!

I can be angry my cookie is broken....

or I can be glad I have a cookie, eat it slowly and savour each bite.

I can even look up and notice someone who might like half, seeing as how it is already broken.