13 July 2014

Life, hard for all the innocent unheard normal people

CNN: Life under bombs in Israel and Gaza

" Rasha can't leave even if she wants to. The border crossings out of Gaza are closed.

"In all the world, there is nowhere like Gaza," she says, "a big jail for 2 million people."'


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07 July 2014

We are what we read?

"Annie Dillard says, 'A writer is careful what they read, because what they read is what they will know, and what they know is what they will write.' Which is another way to say that the old bromide was wrong — we are not what we eat; we are what we read.
~Robert Benson in Living Prayer

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01 July 2014

Struggle, yes. Shame? No.

Most of us struggle with something. It's a reality of living and loving. Mental illness, diagnosed and not, has marked many in my family. In the midst of the struggle, we don't need to worry about the stigma, or think we're the only one. Struggle is a common condition of humanity. Let's get on with it without shame making it harder.

Thanks, Harmony Hensley

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