23 August 2008

Prayer Beads, my versions for now.

I've encouraged you before to consider different ways to approach prayer. Maybe you want to talk a walk, kneeling is too distracting. Maybe you prefer kneeling, the posture reminds you of who is sovereign, and who is NOT.

Maybe you're a list person and tic things off as you go.
Are you more about praise or petition, intimacy or intercession?
Are any of these right or wrong?
Might I venture that God is more concerned about whether you converse with Him than how you go about it?
So here you go, my version of prayer beads, a prayer tool that is shared by various faith traditions over centuries of desire to communicate in a meaningful way with the Creator and Sustainer.
The longer string of beads has names or needs attached to each one, but only in my memory and mind. The circular set remind me of 12 attributes or characteristics of God which I would do well to keep in mind if I want to process life & faith with integrity and consistency.
Such a memory or focal tool may be of help to you as you pray, but it could be bread fasteners with initials inked on them or shells you've collected from the beach or bits of drift wood that represent the tides of life rubbing your edges off and leaving their marks here and there.
You may be doing just fine with an intangible approach, just you and God, arriving at certain places and times and finding sweet communion.
We have access. We underestimate.
Approach Him. Wait for Him. Seek Him. Give it a go.

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