06 January 2012

Give me something to read

Lists abound at the end of the year . . . best films, books, games, apps . . . .

One interesting list I stumbled upon in my rambles around the WWW is at Give Me Something to Read and is a list of interesting articles chosen as this year's highlights.

Give Me Something To Read describes itself as "A hand-picked selection of the finest articles and essays saved with Instapaper." Instapaper is a useful way to save bits that you see online, but on't have time to read right then. You add it to your list of Read Laters and then it is accessible on your iPad, laptop, smart phone or in any internet cafe around the world. Instapaper is free ad handy. I recommend it.

So whether you bookmark Give Me Something to Read, register for Instapaper or just find an interesting article from the list, I hope this blog post has added value for you today.

Sometimes Conversations@Intersections is about me and my wanderings, and sometimes it is helpful things I've discovered that I want to share with you. I'm not sure why you stopped in here, os why you return, but I'm glad to have intersected with you and hope it was of some value to you.

It's an odd thing, this internet. Conversations take place over keyboards rather than around tables. Maybe we should have Meet-ups as Tweeters do.

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