07 August 2008

Symbols of God's Attributes

Have you made your list yet? The list of people or things about which you care deeply and would like to take regularly before the throne of God for His attention?

Not that He's not paying attention anyway, but He likes to discuss things with us, often changes our perspective and brings clarity and change.

After you've made your list, and assigned each one a colour or texture or image of some sort, then you can choose your beads or emblems or symbols to attach to each prayer point.

Making a string of prayer beads does NOT make you more spiritual, does NOT make God listen more fervently and does not create magic that then obligates God to answer the way you want.
He is God. You are not. Vital point to remember.

I've made a new string of prayer beads; each bead denoting something of the character and nature of the God I love and who loves me. This bracelet of beads is way too big for my arm, but it is also showing me how big my God is.

So maybe you'd rather make a list of the attributes of God that encourage you or remind you of the many facets of His identity. Then fossick out symbols of each one so as to illustrate the God who cannot be drawn or framed or limited to any one image. Our efforts of symbolising Him too are inadequate, but the process is a good one. Think outside the box of religion or church and consider the God you worship.

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woven & spun said...

I've taken the prayer beads idea on board but tweaked it a little . . . I've made a "charm" bracelet with beads & charms to remind me of blessings I'm thankful for, attributes of God I should praise Him more often for, & people I need to pray for. It's 3/4 complete. I'm actually learning to solder so that I can attach the photos in tiny glass frames . . . I've had one lesson & need to purchase some solder & an iron to do it at home. When I'm done I'll post a photo of it on my blog.
Thanks so much for the inspiration Jillaroo!