23 July 2008

Make your own strand of Prayer Beads

I've been wanting to show you the prayer beads I've strung together.
But I'd rather encourage to make your own before you see mine.

Mine won't suit you. Only yours will fit you and how you pray. So make your own!

1. Make a list of the
you would want to pray regularly for.

2. Some beads can help you focus on God.
Consider His character and nature.
Assign a few beads to remind you of His glory, His mystery, His grace or the freedom you have in Him.

3. What of beads to help you focus on

4. You can assign a bead to each person you want to pray for, or group them so your prayer beads aren't too heavy to hold.

I've just made my second set of prayer beads that focus on the character and nature of God. Maybe I'll combine them so that my worship prayers are linked to my intercessory prayers.

I have three individuals on my string and then people are grouped into families or by association.
Make your list. Assign a texture or colour or descriptive something to each.

Then prayerfully consider which beads suit each one. The beads kinda need to tie in with the person or point for prayer for easy memory. When you are in the bead shop, or staring at a tray full of pretties, it is easy to turn this in to a craft project.

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