04 March 2011

Kia Kaha, Christchurch!

Who knew when I wrote about bucket toilets a week ago that Christchurch would desperately need thousands of them as 80% of their sewers have been damaged by more quakes & aftershocks?!

Think of all the things you crave for in a day? Does a portable radio, running water and hot food top the list?

Friday most of New Zealand will be wearing Red & Black in support of the Canterbury region.
Students will hit the streets again with shovels and wheelbarrows scooping up dried dusty liquefaction and debris from shaken and damaged buildings.

Volunteers will deliver sandwiches, fruit and drinks to neighbourhoods without safe kitchens or refrigeration. Vans will try to help ferry people to vital appointments to sign up for aid, insurance or repairs.

Schools are still closed and call centres are frantic as people try to access government assistance, social services and plumbers.

Churches are not meeting as their buildings are unsafe. No one is thinking of going to the movies or malls as they don't want to gather inside.

Rents will rise as housing is in short supply, though 50,000+ people have fled the area thus far. The economic impact will be felt throughout New Zealand and the region. Many frustrated defeated Kiwis will likely go to Australia seeking work and a new start.

In the mean time, there is already talk of rebuilding the cathedral and the rest of the CBD.
People in the suburbs east of Christchurch just want flushable toilets.

To keep up on the news of recovery and rebuilding, check TV3 News, Stuff.co.nz or follow #eqnz on Twitter.

I'll try not to dwell on the tragedy here in Conversations@Intersections, but in NZ right now, it's about all we think about and talk about. The sadness is nearly palpable.

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