21 February 2011

Bucket Toilet Seat: for when the systems fail?

I want one of these.
We had something similar when I was a kid. Not for everyday use, but for camping. It had a folding frame under which you could slide a bucket. Nice, but this eliminates the frame and is just seat and bucket. Brilliant!

I should research the designer of this and create an award.

Anyway, you never know when your power or water might be off for a length of time. I'd rather have something like this I can place in an appropriate place than have short-sighted people in my house use the plumbed toilet in hopes the water would soon flow!

The seats are less than $10 on eBay but more than $50 on TradeMe. Hmmm . . . ..

Happy Monday!


Woven and Spun said...

But who's the lucky chum who gets to empty it and where?

plumbing said...

Pack up the portable camp toilet by placing one zip tie around the excrement bag and one zip tie around the substrate bag. Put both bags and the laundry scoop inside the portable camp toilet and close the toilet lid.