30 October 2010

Brooke Fraser Flags: Concert & Album

Just so you know, I'm going to Brooke Fraser's concert tonight at The Civic on Auckland's Queen Street. That's after a day leading a quiet spiritual retreat and just before heading across the street to watch the rugby match between NZ's All Blacks and Australia's Wallabies.

I'd say that was a well rounded day seeing as how I should get a walk in at Long Bay under the pretense of praying as I walk. There may even be a gelato at Giapo's after the rugby.

Check out Brooke's new album, Flags either at Warehouse for NZ$21.99, online or via iTunes.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the making of Flags on C4 with Something In the Water as the soundtrack.

Scoop reports that,
"‘Flags’ has debuted on the New Zealand national sales charts at #1 today outselling its nearest rival four to one. As an added bonus, the first single ‘Something In The Water’ also reached the #1 spot today after threatening to go to pole position over the last two weeks. Both the album and single have already been certified gold.

And the good news doesn’t stop there – Brooke’s New Zealand charts top an incredible week of results for her from around the world. ‘Flags’ has also debuted on the Australian chart at #3, her highest debut to date there, while ‘Something In The Water’ has been receiving airplay across all major radio networks. In the US and Canada ‘Flags’ entered the itunes album chart at #4 and #2 respectively.

‘Flags’ is Fraser’s third studio album and follows the 2006 release of ‘Albertine’ which also debuted at #1, achieving 5 x platinum sales in New Zealand. Her debut album ‘What To Do With Daylight’, released in 2002, also went to #1 here and has gone on to sell over 8 x platinum status."

Just a quirky glimpse in to Brooke's personality as she answers questions on her blog:

Q: What’s a shadowfoot? I think that’s the only thing in your songs I have absolutely no interpretation for? Actually I think I have one but I’m not sure, can you clarify? – Ashley
BF: This is C.S. Lewis’ influence on me. The song ‘Shadowfeet’ was inspired by his wonderful book ‘The Great Divorce’ and in particular the following passage:
“Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come?”

Q: When you have sung any particular song too many times, does it lose meaning for you? How do you ’save’ that song? – Anonymous
BF: Some songs fatigue quicker than others and I’d rather not sing them anymore but know that people still want to hear them. Other songs still feel very raw and potent to me, as if I just wrote them. “Arithmetic” and “Albertine” are songs like that for me. Every time I sing them I must go back internally to the place from whence they came.

Q: I have to ask what is the meaning behind the song “C.S. Lewis Song?” It is one of my all-time favorite songs but I have been curious as too the meaning behind it and if it’s related to C.S. Lewis or a personal experience in your own life. – Trey
BF: The first line is a Brooke-ified version of C.S. Lewis’ own words:
“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”
This quote summarises the song. The rest of the lyric is all mine, but I couldn’t think of anything to call it, so gave Clive the nod he deserved.
FYI: Brooke's dad was an All Black, back in the day, before they made as much money as they do now.

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Cheryl said...

I'm envious!

The last concert I attended in Auckland was Diana Krall...with YOU!

Have fun and enjoy yourself. I'm headed to iTunes to order the new CD