18 November 2014

Brooke Fraser: Trying new things with Brutal Romantic

"Being a beginner again I think is healthy... at every stage of life." -Brooke Fraser

 A Radio New Zealand interview video ranges widely from creative process to musing about suffering in the lives of people we love.

Brooke affirms her Christian faith but thinks labels are rather two dimensional and pigeon holing. I agree. There's so much more to her, and most people, than what media can describe.

Brooke's love of words started young and has born fruit in ways she didn't imagine. As a teenager, Brooke wanted to be a journalist. A prolific reader, she continues to learn and grow and stretch and create.

Her latest album, Brutal Romantic, is available on iTunes and other retailers. It opened at #1 on NZ charts. Her tour dates for North America, Australia and New Zealand can be found at her terrific Kiwi designed website.

Watch Kings & Queens video here.

I love her sense of humour and groundedness. She knows who she is and fights to maintain her identity in what could otherwise be a crazy industry and lifestyle.

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