02 August 2014

Diversity on the corner

Conversations at Intersections happen to me all the time. ~Selçuk, Turkiye
Traveling alone means I engage more with locals than with a traveling companion.

Just chatted with a Turk, a Kurd, an Italian and an unknown older quiet man.... all sitting on the corner of the street and alley where my guesthouse is. As I passed by, they greeted me, then asked where I am from. Conversation started. Next thing I know, the nice Turkish man gets up to give me his milk crate for a seat!

We talk politics, religion, education, people, language, religion, terrorism.... Best comment was from the Italian, "See my five fingers? None the same. So with people. Every one different."

The Italian likes the new pope but thinks he's irrelevant to people getting jobs. The Kurd appreciated that I pray for justice for his people. The Turk just seemed happy that I like his country.

All of this a stone's throw from where it is said that John penned his Gospel. Literally, across the street.

You can meet nice people anywhere.

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