20 December 2013

Rules to live by...

Jill's Rules for Jill to live by, as consistently as possible:

Don't buy dustibles for friends unless you stick around to dust them.
Empty the dog BEFORE he becomes uncomfortable.
Be polite to other cars; they probably have people in them.
Lovingly speak truth.
Ask more questions than you answer.
Smile at grumpy people.
Organise your closet by colour, but not your bookshelves.
Pull weeds before they seed.
Listen to birdsong.
Be grateful for running water, hot water, drinkable water.
Recycle when possible.
Lower barriers to communication.
Engage in conversation, not debate.
Seek consistency and integrity, but know it's ok to be imperfect.
Value the dear friends; they enrich the journey.
Listen carefully to those with whom you disagree.
Eat food with more colour.
Write more thank you notes.
(... to be adjusted, continued, and refined)

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