13 October 2013

Better try and fail, or not to try?

Some people are raised to think they can't do anything.

Others are raised to think they can do anything.... or even everything!

Both are hard on everyone involved.

I'm an optimist, a possibility thinker, but knowing my limits is valuable.

Most people can do more than they do. They don't attempt half of what they could. Much goes undone for lack of vision, motivation, confidence or passion.

Some people attempt things too big, too hard, too complex..... and many can be disappointed when they come up short.

I just heard an interview of a woman who adopted pre-teen Ethiopian sisters and took them to America for a better life. After 14 months she realized she was failing, she couldn't actually do or provide what the girls needed to make the adoption succeed.

She used both humbling and freeing as she talked about her eventual realization of her limitations.

The girls are with another family, with a dad and other kids. They may be better off than if they'd stayed with their first American family. They may have trust issues complicated by the disappointment and broken promises. Their situation is complex no matter how you look at it.

Do we go ahead and attempt big things, knowing we might fail?
Or do we just play it safe and only attempt what we know we can do?

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