07 May 2013

What to wear? Communication and relationship may be the consequence.

I have a greeting card that says,

"Who'd a thought we'd even be friends...."
"....you know, the way you dress and all."

I can't decide who will receive it.
I have a few friends in mind, but I guess I think the way I dress is funny, so not sure they'd get the humour. (Hate to add to their insecurities, ya know.)

I long ago decided I didn't have the money to be a trend setter; heck I wasn't gonna spend the money it takes to be a trend follower!
So I've just danced to my own little tune; a little Bohemian, a little op-shop, a little straight lines & colour....

Sometimes the question is what to wear that won't be a barrier to communication or relationship. You know, long sleeves for some or no offensive symbols, logos or slogans for others.

You may say I'm over thinking this, that its nobody else's business what I wear. Well, it is in a way.

If, in my role as an ambassador for Christ, I try to find common ground with the people I meet, then I don't want something so inconsequential as my clothing to decrease the space in which we can stand or sit together, the common ground.

So the inconsequential becomes the consequential because communication and relationship may be the consequence.

So when I go to the hospital to visit people, I want to dress professionally enough that I'll be respected by the staff, but brightly enough that it might bring cheer to the patient.

When I'm talking with a teenager, I need to not look like their grandma, however cool she may be, but not 'try' and look cool either. How sad would that be!

When I'm speaking from a stage I need to wear something that is easy to see without it all being about my clothes!

Yikes. And to think all that through early in the morning when I'm standing in front of my closet wondering, "What to wear.....?"

See, it's more than just clothes. It's communication on so many different levels.

My clothes do not 'make' me. The labels I wear do not define me. The people I might be trying to impress don't really care......

So if it's not about impression, but expression...... hmmmm....

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