11 May 2013

Independent Bookstores: CNN's list, and a few of mine

In this day of ebooks and chain bookstores, we rarely have the opportunity to fossick around in search of previously unknow authors, titles or anthologies.

I remember finding Jostein Gaarder just by perusing a shelf in a bookstore on the Main Street of Gisborne, New Zealand one New Year's Eve. I've gone on to read several of Gaarder's books, share the, with friends and recommend them to my book club. All because I was exploring a secondhand bookshop's shelves.

I've received terrific service from independent bookstore owners, both sellers of new books and resellers of pre-read books. Some of my favourite bookstores in New Zealand fell down in the Christchurch earthquakes.
Auckland has Jason's, Time Out, Evergreen and others. Wellington has Anty Bees and more.

I've sought out good bookshop's in Sydney, Melbourne in Australia. Then there are the treasure troves of LA, New York, Denver and university towns.

Where's your favourite independent bookstore? You know the kind that are one of a kind, owned by eccentric book lovers who might appear to not go outside much?

CNN has named 10 of the best indie bookstores in America.

Link to CNN's list

Where's your fav?

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