04 February 2013

Sports families

I started watching football from the edge of the field in 2nd grade. That's when my brother started playing. He went on to play, and play well for years!
Before that, I was known to fall asleep on grandpa or Uncle Fred's lap with a game on TV.
My family weren't sports fanatics; no such thing as sports channels back then. Sports was just all around us in Indiana.
My teams are not playing today in the Super Bowl. I have a few NFL favourites, with the Indianapolis Colts at the top of the list.
I've enjoyed the family rivalry between the Manning brothers and am glad that story continues. They grew up in New Orleans, where today's Super Bowl is being played. Wonder who they are cheering for?
Whoever wins today, it's a good weekend for Joani Harbaugh
AP reports:
The Harbaugh family got an early win on Saturday night well before the Super Bowl.
Tom Crean, coach of the No. 3 Indiana men's basketball team, knocked off No. 1 Michigan 81-73 at home. Crean is married to Joani Harbaugh, sister of San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh.
The Harbaugh family will finish the weekend with a 2-1 record.
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Both Harbaugh brothers have history with the Colts as well, with Jim playing QB at a pivotal time in Indianapolis's rise to top tier football.

See more background in The NY Times.
See Newsday for the Manning story.

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