16 January 2013

RSS feeds blog content straight into your InBox: life outside of Facebook

While Facebook is a popular place to while away the hours, there is content you might like that will never show up there. You have options and most of them are free.
Want to keep up on your reading without going to each site individually?
I read several blogs, not everyday, but regularly. Actually going to their blogs takes more time and data than I want to give it. There are a few options people sometimes overlook. You may think of more. If so, please let me know.
Have your fav blog content delivered to your inbox or into a Reader.
Consider subscribing via RSS feeds so you can keep up with Conversations@Intersections and all your
 favourite blogs and websites without actually having to go there each day. An RSS feed is a Rich Site Summary: a format for delivering regularly changing web content.
 Always learning new tricks keeps me from being an Old Dog! It's as simple as clicking on that RSS icon up there by the URL address and following the instructions. See my other posts on RSS.
Many people recommend Blogtrottr. Although I think Google Reader is the best available feed reader, although they don't have support for email notifications. You can also generate RSS feed emails using Zapier or IFTTT.
Outlook, Mac Mail and other info flow and management programs have RSS reader features. Check 'em out.
On mobile devices you can use Flipboard, Pulse, Instapaper and others to create magazine formats of your favourite content, or in the case of Instapaper, to read when you are not online thereby saving your data allowance.
For webmasters, there are several available RSS to Email companies to host your signup form:

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Beth said...

Jill -
I just checked back into a blog that I did when reading the bible through in 90 days (I needed to see if I had any comments from I Timothy, but I apparently was plowing through the final days with little fanfare) and saw a comment you posted to me years ago. What a hoot. Small world. I've been checking on you on facebook, my friend. I'm plugging through my 13th year of ministry as an office manager at a Cicero (Indiana) Christian Church. I think I'm making a difference, but in smaller and less visible ways than you! God's blessings!