18 January 2013

Prepare for the difficult times . . .

I have a sense that this year is going to require me to dig deep in some seasons. I don't get premonitions as such, but I wasn't born yesterday.

Proverbs speak of preparing for the lean times. Wisdom dictates preparedness. Many cultures have means of storing up, preparing for lean times, not being caught unawares.

In Maori the storehouse is called the pataka. It is out of the pataka that Maori can share, and sometimes it is wisdom from experiences that is shared. 

Nuku Tewhatewha, in The Dowse, Hutt City, NZ,  is a significant example of a Maori storehouse or pataka

I'm trying to store up a bit extra for whatever may come this year. To have a margin beyond my normal resources so if I have to dig deep, I'll have something there. I too often push the margins, run on near empty or assume I'll always be able to meet the need.

A dear friend of mine downloaded a book for me last year. It is called Margin and is available from Amazon and leading booksellers. Reading a book about learning new habits is different from learning new habits.
Along with more veggies, more sleep and more play, I'm going to learn new habit this year, so I'll have something in my storehouse from which to share.

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