09 January 2013

Knee deep in the everyday

I'd like to say I've been knee deep in wisdom and spirituality, but mostly I've been knuckle deep in compost and weeds and mulch. While we might think in terms of mountaintop experiences, much of life is lived in the everyday-ness of routine, familiar and ... traffic.

During the recent holidays I've seen everyday things happen during days and weeks that were supposed to be special. I've heard of death and accidents and medical tests on Christmas day, birthdays and New Years. I was at the hospital as a visitor on some of those days. Staff and other visitors were particularly nice as if knowing that illness and accidents are great levellers.

A new year has begun. Hopes and dreams have been polished and set aright again. I hope to sense the spiritual and find wisdom on level ground where ever my journey takes me.

 Emerson scholar Richard Geldard says, We live in an elevated sense of wisdom only in rare moments.”

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