21 January 2013

Blogs and Bloggers

Do you blog?  Blog: a web based log of .... whatever takes your fancy.

Conversations@Intersections gets over 25,000 page loads by 19,000 unique visitors per year, an average of 1500+ per month. You are part of that!

That fascinates me. I'm not all that impressed by my thoughts and offerings. 

Those stats would put me in the Top 100 NZ blogs if I was included in that country's list. #1 on the NZ list gets 457843 per month, so there's a huge difference between the Top 25, the Top 50 ... and the rest of us.

Top US blogs include Huffington Post, LifeHacker, Mashable and Tech Crunch....they wouldn't even be able to see me from their lofty heights.

Do you blog? Leave your URL in the comments so we can drop by and see what's happening in your world.

Check out friends of mine who write personal blogs and put a lot of thought and attention into them.

A Pause on the Path          

In The Life of a Busy Woman

Tash McGill at http://www.tashmcgill.com

Living Overseas and Loving It

Why blog? Darragh Delaney from Computer World says 

  1. Improve your writing and speaking skills
  1. Become a content creator, not just a content consumer.
  1. Focus your mind on the subject matter.
  1. Use blogging as a way to test content for other uses
  1. Start to engage with others

I started blogging so as to write more often. I know of people who trialed their book online, edited and added as a result of critique and comments, then published a much better final product than they could have done on their own. Collaborative blogging is helpful for project management.

One of my favourite bloggers is Seth Godin who adds short posts that provoke me to think, and sometimes to forward the link to others. Another is Tall Skinny Kiwi. Check 'em out!

Who do you read online? Let us know.

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