03 December 2012

Wisdom gained through the perspective of brevity of life

“Lord, make us know the shortness of our life, and we shall gain wisdom of heart”. (Psalm 90:12)

To live like one were dying, to give at every minute of one’s life, one’s all,
to put in the treasury, everything one owns, like the poor widow of the Gospel,
willingly perishing from one’s thoughts all and every worry about tomorrow;
in this alone one truly lives.

There's a certain reckless abandon required if one is to live life to the full,
a certain surrender to the unknown, a willingness to walk and be guided by
the most ephemeral signs and pointers along the way, as one allows himself
to be led only by God’s providential hand, from the comfort and security of
terra firma to the immense mystery and awesome darkness of terra incognita,
trusting only in the God who shall always be waiting.


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