02 December 2012

Characters on the journey to the manger

As we approach Christmas, we are in ‘waiting’ mode – but waiting for what? Sacred Spaces offers a retreat will help us to find out what’s going on between ourselves and God and how we might move forward, even a little, in our hope and commitment.
Through Sacred Spaces mini online retreat, you will meet God in the deepest dimensions of your heart, because there you are your truest and best self. Ask then for the gift of a silent heart to be able to hear God’s whisper. Then you will catch on to what God wishes for you this Christmastide.
A retreat is an inner journey, but where it may lead is as yet unknown. You may well be surprised or encouraged, challenged, or excited at what happens. You may become puzzled or fearful: perhaps God may be hinting that your life should take a new direction – think of a young Mary just going about her business, interrupted by God. 
By staying with the prayer with an open mind and a generous heart, you will come to inner peace. God is a God of consolation and waits to be gracious to you (2 Cor 1:3; Isaiah 30:18).
The retreat is organized into four sessions which you can complete in a single day or spread them out over the four weeks of Advent. Or you can take them in some other way. Just go gently, at your own pace. There are advantages in going slowly and staying a while with each Gospel character you meet. And of course some things will attract you which you find yourself pondering outside your prayer time.
Choose a time and a place. Eliminate distractions for the chosen time frame. Join God on this journey to the manger.

Follow the link below for more of the following:
  • a) Imagine Jesus looking at you. How does he look? Bored or angry or loving? Think of the phrase with which a French mystic summed up her relationship with God: ‘You gazed on me – and you smiled!’ Allow God to smile at you, and allow yourself to smile back! Perhaps much of the prayer time is spent here, but that will be fine! To accept the divine invitation to move forward into the unknown, you need to be aware of God’s infinite and unconditional love for you.
  • b) Now ask for what you need.

Sacred Spaces journey to the Manger

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