25 November 2012

Reality: whose? Where?

While I sit by a quiet lake in the middle of NZ's North Island, missionaries are fleeing their homes in the Congo... "rebels move again south toward Bukavu. Pray for the Congolese people, your brothers & sisters in Christ as they face this..."

Bombs go off in Nigeria, refugees flea Syria as violence continues in Damascus, and a fragile ceasefire allows kids to go to school in Gaza City.

Boat people languish in Australian offshore facilities, the East Timorese barely survive, Zimbabwe doesn't thrive, people are sold into slavery, spouses break covenants, loved ones die of HIV and obesity, Cantabrians fight for insurance payouts while Haitians seek shelter & clean water ...
... all at the same time, on the same planet.

My everyday lived reality is like a dream.

I write not to induce guilt, but to inspire gratitude.

We all have struggles, and they are our own.

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