02 August 2012

Foreign, at home.

I find sympathy within the following . . .

"I stay in touch with friends in (at home) as if it’s been just a few weeks, as if I never left. Their lives there continued and mine didn’t.
Andrew Love, a great writer, speedskater, father and friend said it’s kind-of like time dilation in science fiction books. “You drop in all world-weary and tired from your travels and our lives have moved on – we’ve had kids and gotten new jobs and made new friends; people have died – but you haven’t gone through that with us. We pick up where we left off; you’re the same as back then, and we haven’t seen the world with you.”
I want to say every day to the people I love: I wish I could bring you with me and that I could stay with you. There’s this strange pull of Home and a longing to see and do everything, everywhere, all at once.
I wish that I could say after all these years I have figured it out, solved the riddle of Home."

From @XpatAdventures: ...... http://t.co/P9ikOyjD

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