31 August 2012

Feel Inside (and stuff like that) Flight of the Conchords and friends

You might wonder what's in the bowl, the giant bowl?

If you were a kid, how would you raise money to help sick kids? Imagine crowd sourcing children for ideas . . . . and then using their own words in a song recorded by some of the best talent New Zealand has on tap.

The comedy duo behind Flight of the Conchords, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, have released a new single on iTunes to help raise money for children suffering from a life-threatening illness. The song was part of a Cure Kids’ Red Nose Day comedy event that took place on August 24 in New Zealand. Link to Mashable article for related videos.

The song, “Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)” draws on McKenzie’s and Clement’s inspiration after sitting down with a group of quick-witted rhyming children, including some from the Clyde Quay School in their hometown, Wellington.

Turning these ideas into a cohesive song couldn't have been a straightforward exercise, even with brilliant rhyming lines like "the kids who are sick can't do their hip-hop anymore, because their tummies could be very sore", or "open up the lids, help help help the kids" already supplied.

But the pair managed to come up with a classic upbeat pop ballad that also had room for a great rap breakdown, along with the all-important exciting upwards modulation 30 seconds before the end.

Choosing a wide cross-generational range of New Zealand artists to contribute vocals was also very savvy - that way there's something for everyone. They had 21 extras in total, with some established stars like Brooke Fraser rhyming hospital with lostpital, Dave Dobbyn warning about drinking too much bubble mixture, and Boh Runga singing the word "spews" - probably for the first time ever. NZHerald.co.nz

Printz Boar, writer and producer for the Black Eyed Peas, and hip-hop and reggae artist Che Fu's 6-year-old son Marley wrote the chorus.

Images of Sam Scott and Luke Buda of the Phoenix Foundation joyfully pogo-ing around Roundhead studios; Rikki Morris, Nathan King and Zowie singing about robbing robbers; Ruby Frost tackling the feta issue; reinforcement from Victoria Girling-Butcher, Kids of 88 and Elizabeth Marvelly; great rhyming from Savage, PNC, and Young Sid; Moana Maniapoto, Peter Urlich, Maitreya, and young gun Massad explaining that crazy financial system; and excellent vocal gymnastics from Cherie Mathieson as she tells us where to put all those teeth for the tooth fairy - they all helped to form an instant Kiwi classic.

The song was televised and performed live by the Flight of the Concords on “Red Nose Day: Comedy for Cure Kids” and helped to raise $1.3 million for medical research into life-threatening illnesses that affect children in New Zealand. Watch the video

Though the comedy event is over, the song is still available for purchase on iTunes for those in Australia and New Zealand and internationally.

It's fun and contagious.

LYRICS "There are children who are so unwell, they have to live their lives in hospitals, they're feeling lospital, mospital. Children getting sicker, drinking too much bubble mixture, they all just wanna be bubbles, they all just wanna be bubbles. There must be something we can do, to stop these kids from doing spews. Feel inside, and stuff like that, open up the lids, help help help the kids, feel inside, and stuff like that, open up the lids, help help help the kids. Kids need us to come together, we can make them better, we can get them some feta. Can raffle scooters cars and movie vouchers, John stop...."

Thanks to Brian Bell for alerting me to the video on YouTube and the chance to buy the song on iTunes.

Ever had a really sick kid you cared about? Ya? Buy this song.

Bret McKenzie won an Oscar this year for the song Man or Muppet. His laugh is a terrific part of the video.

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