08 August 2012

Congruence, Integrity, Harmony


  [kong-groo-uhns, kuhn-groo-, kuhng-]
noun1. the quality or state of agreeing or corresponding.
Synonyms:accordaccordancecoherencecompliance,conformance, conformation, conforming,conformitycongruency, congruity,congruousness, correspondenceharmonization,harmonysimilarityuniformity

I desire congruence in what I say and what I do.
I desire a harmonization of my beliefs, my life, my commitment to following Jesus, my identity and my talents.

To be incongruent is to lack harmony, to challenge the validity of the whole, to be off balance out of sync, discordant, inconsistent . . . .

In watching the Olympics this week, I've seen the results of much practice in getting the perfect stroke, stride, swing, or jump.

I've seen one woman just nip the edge of a hurdle, throwing her off balance and totally running her rhythm in approaching the next hurdle. For four years she has trained for this day, only to catch her toe on the top of a bar the same height she has jumped over numerous times before. But today, her miscalculation brook her stride, causing her to stumble in to the next lane, slow, lose the race and collapse in a heap of tearful desolation.

I saw another woman totally take out a hurdle, veer off the track and not even finish the race. Why bother? No point really.

Harmony: it's not just musical. 

Congruent: it's not just mathematical.

Integrity: it's not just about honesty or ethics in the sense we often think.

It's about identity, about being reflective enough to know who we are and whether our words, actions and opinions are consistent. It's about thinking quietly, honestly, and being brave enough to adjust as needed.

I want to live creatively, with integrity ... ever learning, stretching and growing, seeking understanding and wisdom to live well.

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