23 July 2012

Reading beyond my comfort zone

Have you read anything by Francisco Garcia-Julve?
He’s described as

"a philosopher from Spain who married a woman from Pittsburgh, holds advanced degrees in psychology, linguistics, and physics (to name only a few). In his book Sense-Nonsense, Francisco poses provocative questions about God, free will, secularity, and right and wrong. He does it in the form of aphorisms, and his are as memorable as those of his philosophical predecessors, Pascal and La Rochefoucauld and Nietzsche. Of those three, I suppose he’s most like Pascal, since Francisco, too, is a Catholic and a scientist.
Sense-Nonsense makes readers re-consider their most basic categories for understanding the human condition, human behavior, and human destiny. For many people, “to think” is to move from unexamined assumptions to inevitable conclusions without ever asking why — without ever knowing how to ask."

It's not about being comfortable. It's about being in conversation with people who may think differently from me.
Sometimes it gives me a headache, but it keeps me honest.
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