31 July 2012

Christchurch CBD to rise again . . . Intentionally greener and smaller

22 months after major quakes forever changed the texture of Christchurch, the blueprint for the new Christchurch has been revealed.

While buildings are still being dismantled, it is time to start rebuilding.

Lois Cairns of The Press writes, "The scale of the destruction meant there was never going to a quick-fix for Christchurch's broken centre; there was too much damage over too big an area for band-aids to be applied.

As the aftershocks continued to rattle through the city some suggested the CBD should be abandoned but authorities were determined to rebuild - to create a city centre for Christchurch that was better - if not bigger - than the one that was there before."

With property acquisitions soon to be underway and an extensive public consultation taken into consideration, 12 precincts will take shape catering to the arts, sport, parks, medicine and other prioritized civil needs.

See NewstalkZB's report and video of the proposals for a mix of central and local government and private investments.

The timeline looks outward 10 years, though those residents in the suburbs who are most affected claim they are most neglected, living in cold and broken homes.

The insurance companies are said to be running out of excuses for not paying out. The pressure is on them to start paying. Without those pay outs, work cannot begin. Some homeowners have been told it will be up to 8 years before the 'dust settles' in terms of paperwork and decisions.

How do you rebuild, repair and reignite the local economy without money? Commentary on Voxy has a go at the procrastinating transnational insurers

Time to put the boot into insurance companies Voxy.co.nz

It's time you put the boot into the insurance companies, who have shamelessly charged hundreds of thousands of Cantabrians premiums for generations and are now finding every excuse in the book, plus making up some new ones, to delay paying out or not paying out at all.

The legal term is breach of contract.

They are playing hardball with the people of Christchurch, holding the country to ransom and slowing the post-quake rebuild of the city to a crawl, indeed, they are stopping it altogether.

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