11 June 2012

Nowhere to 'leave off from'

John Bluck writes, "What saddens me as a reasonably orthodox Christian believer and church attender is that we don’t seem to have any sense of urgency or even awareness about how much we’re missing out on our market share. Tarot card readers and deep breathing meditators pedal their wares with more enthusiasm and confidence than your average (Christian denomination).

It’s almost as though we think that people will wake up one morning and all come back to church, and after we’ve given them the page number in the prayer book they will pick up with us where they left off.

Except those people never joined in the first place so they have nowhere to leave off from, and the way we worship and interpret the faith now is going to be radically different in five years time, ten times more radically different than the revolutionary changes we’ve been through in the last fifty years."

EIDTS graduation address 2009 by Bishop John Bluck

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