29 April 2012

No one said, "Thank you."

Christopher L. Heuertz writes of Mother Teresa in "A life less Tweeted"

The public persona of Mother Teresa was legendary, but the majority of her life was spent living in the very ordinary. The rhythms and routines of the Missionaries of Charity demanded it: early morning prayers, daily mass, hand-washing dishes after each meal and tea time, manually washing laundry, and sweeping and mopping the floors. When it came to Mother’s ministry with people, it was often bathing and drying people who were so malnourished they couldn’t take care of themselves, or feeding people so hungry that they often fought their neighbors for an extra handful of rice.

If I actually took the time to add up the days, weeks, and months of my volunteer service in Mother’s House for the Dying since 1993, I imagine it’d be close to a year of my life. And, thinking back on all of that time, I don’t recall anyone ever saying, “Thank you.”

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