12 March 2012

Travel Bag Musings

I'm just sitting here by Lake Wakatipu watching travelers & tourists.
People are funny. It's

fun to watch them. It's not fun to think of what they might think as they watch me.
Some things to consider....
Some of these ladies have flash handbags that match their outfits. Gotta wonder: how many purses did they bring?
I've taken to packing flat bags that will fit into flat pockets on my suitcase or in the lid.... so when I'm flying or on buses I don't have ANOTHER semi-useless piece to contend with.
Using zippered pouches for my necessary stuff, I can reconfigure the volume of what I want to carry depending on the activity, climate, mode of travel, etc.
Sometimes a small nicebackpack is helpful- keeps hands free when juggling other pieces. Sometimes a shoulder bag... or a pull bag on wheels... but then when I want to go out in the evening I can pull out the flat bag, fill it as appropriate and I'm on my way!
Rarely are bulky leather purses the ideal travel bags, yet they count as 1 carry-on when boarding a plane.
Then there's shoes.
Depending on the purpose of the trip, shoes could take out a huge amount of space in our precious luggage allotment!
Where I am this week, hiking boots are useful. At other times of year it would be ski boots! Then there are the destinations that require snorkeling fins, mud boots or...
Each of us will prioritise according to our own value system and purpose for travel.
We'll compromise, or not, choosing fashion, comfort or the right gear for our activities...
People watching just requires a top up of my tea cup now and then so I can justify occupying this table by the boardwalk.
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