24 March 2012

Password Hints, eReaders & Burglary

Too funny: a friend of mine lost her eReader to a burglary then the thief downloaded porn using her account via the eReader.

That's NOT the funny part.

This is...
So I activated the password feature on mine, but wanted a simple one because of the Kindle keyboard limitations. Last night in book club, when I wanted to show the interested members the Kindle's features, I couldn't remember the password.

Finally I noticed the hint just above the US toll-free number to call to reset the thing.... 'shona'

I had to laugh! What's the Shona word for 'books'? Mabuku! That's my password!

They say you can load around 10,000 books on a Kindle. I reckon 'books' is a good password. Now to remember it!

Thankful for the hint feature. (But now I've told the world?!)

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Schiplady said...

I am online on my Nook at 1:00am on a pet sitting job and unable to sleep - and MY notebook with all my passwords is at home. I can't remember my passwords for my MSN account or for Facebook. Wish I could get them all the same but I suppose that would make it easier for hackers.