15 January 2012

Religion, religious, religiously: words or lifestyles?

How do you reconcile Amos 5:21 with James 1:27? Look 'em up!

No one verse stands above another. All Scripture must be interpreted by all Scripture.... so what do ya reckon?

Tall Skinny Kiwi, Andrew Jones discusses the viral Youtube video Religion: Love it and Hate it

Discussion going on about a YouTube video released this week with 10 million hits already. "Why I hate religion but love Jesus" by spoken word artist Jefferson Bethke, was also the most watched video on Facebook.

"Jeff seems a nice guy and his message sounds like mine when I was his age. Some people are confused by his take on religion and statements that Jesus came to abolish it.

Here's my take:
Tall Skinny Kiwi Blog

Check out Spiritual, but not religious from BeliefNet's Robert C Fuller

And an older Conversations@Intersections post from 2008, Not Casual, Comfortable or Convenient.

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