31 January 2012


A sports commentator on the radio this morning actually said he was now a fan of ---- team because they were winning.

While I know it is far more fun to follow a winning team, I'd say my identity is intact enough to remain loyal even when my team isn't winning.

Fickle is cheap and nasty whether it's in spiritual alliances, human relationships or sports.

I'm a Colts fan, and while I hope Peyton will be great again, I'll be a Colts fan anyway. In the meantime, I'll cheer for his little brother.

For better or worse is the kind of follower, friend and fan I'd like to be.

My FAVOURITE team used to be tartan, but amalgamation has caused a displacement of pride & allegiance there. s-i-g-h
My baseball team is Red, even when they lose.
My football team is Blue, even when they are last on the table.
My rugby team is Black, all black, and they rarely lose.

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