04 December 2011

Shaky Isles are shaking: 4 felt quakes in 3 weeks

An earthquake measuring 4.9 was recorded in the centre of New Zealand's North Island on Sunday a day after a 5.7 earthquake rattled the capital Wellington and the top of the South Island. In November two quakes rattled the East Coast, one measuring 6.1!

Depth matters quite a lot in how it is felt at the surface. The deeper the better for minimising damage and risk to life.

Today's 4.9 earthquake was recorded at 5.05pm and was located 30km west of Taupo at a depth of 160km, GNS Science says. It was felt in Porirua near Wellington and was likely to have been felt in Hawke's Bay.

I have been traveling through these parts over the past couple of weeks, from North of Wellington, Palmerston North, through Hawke's Bay, Napier and Taupo.

Live every day and go to sleep with as few regrets as possible. There is so much that is beyond out control, much as we like to think otherwise.

NZ records more than 14,000 earthquakes a year – but only about 150 are usually felt. Kiwi schoolchildren regularly undertake earthquake drills just as children elsewhere learn how to respond to tornadoes or other natural disasters.

Shaky Isles

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