08 December 2011

Go easy on the SHOULDS this Christmas

Have you got your tree up, assuming you are in the majority of people who compromise on the pagan origins of such a decoration.

Have you sent out cards? Did they say Merry CHRISTmas or Happy Holidays?

And Santa? Are you including him, or maybe just allowing snowmen to wear red droopy hats?

There are sooooo many opinions about how people should celebrate the upcoming holiday, birthday party, in fact, where everyone but the birthday boy gets presents.

What I suggest is that we all go easy on the shoulds.

Don't should on anyone else,

and find diplomatic ways to resist being should upon.

With that in mind, I'll not say the knitters amongst us should or shouldn't knit the illustrated jumper/sweater. I will offer that maybe we shouldn't hug anyone wearing the knitted item, for our own safety and for the safety of the one wearing it.

Straw pokes and pierces, ya know.

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