21 December 2011

Difficult or Lonely Christmas?

How have your circumstances changed since last Christmas?

  • Drastically? Incrementally?
  • For the better, or not?
As we go about our business, it might be easier on those we care about if we realised that Christmas and holidays are not always jolly celebrations.

We know people for whom this is likely to be their last Christmas. They may be aware of it, or those closest to them may be harbouring that thought. It will cast a shadow, to some degree, over how they go about these next days and weeks.

Others are eager for the holidays to be behind us all because they feel they have little to celebrate this year. Losses have changed things for them in ways we may not consider as wish them a Merry Christmas.

Celebrations are good.
Lives and losses worth grieving are good too.

Those "good" things may not be easily compatible.

Let's Handle With Care those we care about.

Check a previous Conversations@Intersections post about
managing illness and potential loss during the holidays
and another about planning ahead to spend the day as well as possible.

Struggling through Christmas

You can also check Hospice, Aged, Mental Health or Grief
websites and forums for suggestions and support.

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