13 December 2011

A Different Way of Getting Pregnant

(Matt 1:18–25)

The birth of this bloke Jesus sort of happened like this. A woman called Mary got pregnant, but it happened a bit differently. Mary’s fiancé Joseph had nothing to do with it – it was arranged sort of direct by God. Now, Joe wasn’t so sure about all of this being right and proper. He was all set to send Mary off down the road when this angel character turned up in a dream one night when Joe was packing a few zzzs. This angel, she said, ‘No worries Joe, God wants you to marry this woman, this baby bloke has been planted there direct by God, no worries. Matter of fact, you’re going to call him Jesus and he’s going to sort a few people out, OK?’

Joe woke up, he did, married Mary, but they didn’t have it off till the little chap was born.

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