10 October 2011

One thing leads to another and then... there you are in your pajamas...

You know how one thing leads to another and you find yourself . . . .

... still in your pajamas trimming ornamental trees in your raised bed near the front walkway?

No? That's never happened to you?

I've often coached young people about decisionmaking. I tell them not to decide what they will or will not do in the backseat of the car when they are already in the back seat. Decide that ahead of time when your brain is more clear. I tell new drivers to budget for speeding tickets, plan on them, rather than being caught unawares and have no idea how to get that much money in that short of a time frame.

"Plan ahead. Make better decisions."

Sounds good doesn't it, but life isn't always like that. Sometimes you start by carrying an old bit of wax to the garage to add to the collection so your housemate can someday do that candle making thing she says she wants to do. . . . . . . and the next thing you know you've got clippers in your hand, branches stabbing you in all kinds of places, leaf debris in your hair, and realise you're still in your pajamas. It happens. Well, it did to me this morning.

It was a lovely day, but the forecast suggested it wouldn't last. So, while I was in the garage I asked myself if there was anything that needed to be done while I had the opportunity.

- I watered the pots of seeds for the community garden; a sure way to have the bad weather prophecies fulfilled.

- I swept near the back door where storms always blow dirt in, tidied up a bench top that had become a catch-all, beat some throw rugs, supported the orchids so they could handle whatever wind came, aired out a stinky van, picked up the spoiled carpet pieces and . . . . that's how I ended up out front in my pajamas.

- I decided the best use of the carpet pieces was as weed mat and erosion control down the back side of the house which was best reached from the front walkway. The carpet pieces would smother noxious weeds and minimise damage from run off water that was going to spill out of the gathering clouds.

The attention to the weeds then spread to other small tasks I thought I could tackle before the skies opened up. So, I had a lovely therapeutic morning taking vengeance on weeds, trimming bushes and banishing dust and debris.

That wasn't what I thought my morning would be like, but as I sit here typing, dressed and with a hot cup of tea at hand, the clouds darken the sky and I don't care so much. One thing led to another and I got things done that weren't even written down yet.

The PJ's? Well, they were the sensible type, given to me by my friend Connie about 12 years ago, and no I don't have a photo to show you what they look like.

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