16 October 2011

Conversations: How you begin may determine your end

The art of conversation? Some people just seem to have the knack for talking with anyone, for keeping things moving in interesting directions without those awkward silences or deadends.

You? How are you at the art of conversation? Consider the following:

Open conversations (or close them), by Seth Godin

A guy walks into a shop that sells ties. He's opened the conversation by walking in.

Salesman says, "can I help you?"

The conversation is now closed. The prospect can politely say, "no thanks, just looking."

Consider the alternative: "That's a [insert adjective here] tie you're wearing, sir. Where did you buy it?"

Conversation is now open. Attention has been paid, a rapport can be built. They can talk about ties. And good taste.

Or consider a patron at a fancy restaurant. He was served an old piece of fish, something hardly worth the place's reputation. On the way out, he says to the chef, . . . .

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