14 October 2011

Book Shop Cafe: Literary Libations

One of my favourite book shops is Ampersand Cafe Bookstore in Sydney, Australia. It has a cafe at its entrance with easy access for those who need to grab a cup of java on their way to work. Tea is enjoyed at a leisurely pace, so I always imagine those 'on the go' as coffee drinkers. Anyway, this book shop had several rooms with tables and chairs scattered throughout it's 2-3 floors. You could take your breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea and settle in with a book in any of the cosy spaces.

I went back several times during my trip and don't feel like I missed anything in Sydney. You gotta know when to just soak up the things you enjoy most and not bother with those 'Gotta See' lists made by other people.

What about you?

Where's your favourite bookshop?

What's so appealing about it?

If you ran a bookshop yourself, what would you offer your patrons?

Would you have a theme?

What food might you offer?

You know how you sit around thinking and coming up with terrific ideas? And you know how some just seem to stick and then they actually grow in to something wonderful? Well, this book shop cafe is an idea shared amongst friends of similar interests but different skills. So here we are, developing an idea that is giving us a lot of fun. So far it has not cost us anything except a few grey cells and a bit of time we'd have wasted on lesser pursuits.

You're welcome to come with us! Maybe we can meet over a cup of tea one day and discuss some terrific books.

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