21 September 2011

Where to buy multi-pocket travel clothing

If you can get by with fewer than a dozen pockets, check out the travel vests from Magellan's and L.L. Bean.

I'm traveling this week. Makes me think back to former posts about packing. Former posts

My bags are overweight, and so am I. My muscles are not up to the challenge, even though each bag, even my carry-on is wheeled. They still must be lifted on to scales, x-ray machines and overhead compartments.

I've off loaded a hardback book on my second flight, a gnome in LA, and have posted non-essentials to arrive soon after me. My bags are mostly filled with gifts and Goodwill finds I couldn't pass up: Christmas presents, baby gifts, and just 2 bags of Lemon Drops.

I coulda done better; I coulda done worse.

I think I need a multi-pocketed travel vest in which to tuck my Kindle and snacks for the flights.

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