15 August 2011

Letters from New Zealand

A friend in New Zealand began her letter to me,

"Hi ya!

The stage collapsing at the Indiana State Fair made the NZ news today. You weren't there, were you?

The expected high temp in Auckland is 10C today. The South Island has been cancelled due to snow. Both Dunedin and Christchurch airports were closed this morning. It's very sunny and nippy outside. We're supposed to have rain/sleet by this afternoon and possibly hail.

The washing machine broke down on Saturday and ..."

Another friend ended a letter with ...

"PS Wellington had the biggest snowfall in 40 years yesterday/last night. Guess where I’m heading 7pm flight to night Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
... they are also covered in snow – all centres closed.
Enjoy the summer!"

Hmmm, glad I'm in the US for the warmth.

I'm sorry people were injured and killed in Indianapolis. I was at the Indiana State Fair for a concert Wednesday night. We were thrilled to get seats close to the stage. You just never know.

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