24 July 2011

Tragedy often doesn't announce itself

We think we've got our priorities straight and our objectives set . . . . and then we get a phone call from a friend telling of a tragedy that strikes, literally, out of the blue. Young people have been injured, possibly fatally, while others witnessed it, never to be the same again.

There's no one to blame, not much to rewind and not much to do as the drama unfolds.

CPR, phone calls, hospital waiting rooms, a renewed sense of family, fear, gratitude, a myriad of emotions while feeling numb . . . .

This was not my personal experience today, but that of a family I hold dear. I wasn't in another country, but I was in another state. Phone calls and texts have to suffice as my heart aches for the parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins who are saturated with love, dread and rain.

What to do? Remind those we love of how important they are to us. While we dread cancer, heart disease and other horrible ailments, tragedy often doesn't announce itself.

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