25 July 2011

Dare I write ROOT BEER FLOAT in my Food Diary?

If I were to have kept a food diary today, it would start with a banana on my Cheerios with milk and a cup of hot tea.

Then I'd add a Diet Dr. Pepper and some whole wheat corn chips, with a bit too much salt, that I ate while driving to Lake Cumberland.

The lunch of fried fish in Jamestown was balanced with some healthy cole slaw . . . though the dressing musta had too much sugar. Not sure what the tartare sauce had in it, except for fat.

Ok, the ice cream in the root beer float on the way through Columbia, Kentucky town seemed like a good idea at the time. Then a couple of Fig Newtons, a handful of nuts and . . . when we got back to Campbellsville.

Fruit awaits me now in the kitchen, maybe with some cottage cheese . . . or I could just go to bed.

Do you keep a food diary? Blogging about food diaries is not the same thing as faithfully keeping one.

Anyone want to provide accountability as we attempt to live, and eat, intentionally?

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