30 July 2011

Blogging, Statistics & Motivations: writers & readers

Writing a blog is a fascinating process. Though I don't know many of you personally, I feel an obligation to provide quality content, even if it is only the reasonable processing of my own thoughts.

Different statistics services try to gauge readerships, but I doubt they can measure what's really important.

They can see what browsers people use and
what country the readers access it from. Not surprisingly, primarily English speaking nations are highly represented. They can tell the operating system and how they arrived atConversations@Intersections. What they cannot do is plumb the depths of the motivations or conversations we hold.

I know many of my readers access the content via Facebook, RSS readers or subscriptions that drop it straight in to your InBox. All of those are fine by me. I'm honoured that you dip in, and often return for more.

It would be interesting though, to know a bit about you, how you benefit from this blog. I don't ask the provocative questions the consultants say I should to generate more comments. I don't try to stir or muddy the waters to get your goat, and get a reaction. I just try to present a cohesive thought or supply information I find useful in my funny life.

But if you've got a minute, please comment and let me know why you visitConversations@Intersections. Many of you return faithfully, if not daily, catching up on the threads of conversation when you can. You cover a good bit of the globe, with glaring omissions which I find fascinating. Anyway, chime in, as you wish and let me know about you.




Anonymous said...

I am here because I went to the ladies retreat at Rainbow Camp that you spoke at in 2007. I was cleaning out my car the other day and came across the CD's from that retreat and have been listening to them. It was amazing how much more what you said spoke to me now at this point in my life than back then. I was just curious as to where you were and what you were doing now.

Autumn said...

I know you as long as I can remember. I remember your visits when we lived in England and you were flying from the US to Zim and would stop for a day or two, or week or two. You cooked sudsa(?) for us, which is one of my favorites to this day. But you have always loved, challenged and encouraged me and I appreciate it :) GOD ALONE.